Scalable Energy Efficiency Programs for Commercial Buildings

One of the challenges faced by utilities is the shortage of energy efficiency projects being brought to them for rebates they have in place. Why are utility incentive programs that help provide project financing for buildings’ operational improvements and retrofits underutilized?

Part of the problem is that it is too difficult and time-consuming for utility representatives to sift through reams of energy audit data presented in inconsistent formats. You need to quickly get to the point about the energy usage, costs, and the estimated payback for projects under consideration for rebates.

And second, even when utilities approve rebates for projects, building owners often are not convinced to move forward with the work.

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The BuildingAdvice platform solves both problems. The technology, combined with the energy expertise we provide makes it easier for contractors to assess buildings and provide energy reports. BuildingAdvice reports, including Benchmarks, Energy Savings Assessments, and Energy Savings Audits, follow a standard format, making them easier and faster for utilities to process and approve.  And all of the energy reports prominently feature the financial payback information of proposed improvements so that building owners will be more likely to take action.

By rebating or supporting projects backed by BuildingAdvice reports, utilities can:

  • Increase demand-reduction projects by making energy analysis easier for channel partners to conduct
  • Approve projects more quickly by receiving reports from contractors that use a standardized format
  • Be assured that the financially-focused Energy Savings Audit reports are backed by sound building science

Learn more about how the BuildingAdvice system works. Contact Meagan Young to find out how you can start receiving project proposals backed by our reports.

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Case Study

Read about how Control Contractors, Inc., a leading west coast commercial HVAC company, is differentiating its service offering to building owners by using BuildingAdvice to offer performance assessments.

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