Building Owners: Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Building Value

With no capital expense and minimal impact to your staff

Buildings with lower operating costs generate more operating income, attract more tenants, and resell for higher prices. With energy being the largest controllable operating cost in most buildings, there is no better place to start attacking costs than through energy efficiency.

We know you’re being inundated with claims about saving you energy and money. But most companies want you to risk your capital, tie up your staff and install technologies that take years to pay back.

Signing a contractWhat sets us apart is we take complete responsibility for driving energy savings in our clients’ portfolios without their risking any capital or tying up beleaguered teams. Paybacks on individual buildings range from weeks to months…not years!  And we are certain that savings of at least 10% will be generated in virtually all of your buildings and well above that in many buildings.

We provide commercial building owners and their service providers with technology, services, and programs that reduce building operating costs by up to 30% without requiring capital investment. Our patented, market-tested (over 700 buildings) portable diagnostic technologies automate critical steps in the building energy assessment and audit processes, bringing to light energy waste and savings opportunities in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

We provide two paths to our solutions:

  • REITs, other large real estate investors, and national building portfolios should consider our Energy Expert Plus service: Pairing technology with our team of Building Energy Experts, we can easily find and quantify energy saving opportunities for you, drive a process to realize those savings, and then measure and report on the actual savings
  • Through one of our channel partners who offers energy services using our BuildingAdvice platform

Benefits for building owners:

  • Manage lean, efficient operation of your properties
  • Reduce operating costs 10-30% without capital expenditures
  • Ongoing energy waste monitoring bundled into the solution to drive continuous savings
  • Little impact on overburdened staff

Contact Meagan Young today to find out how we can reduce your operating costs by up to 30%.

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Energy Fact

The commercial real estate industry spends approximately $24 billion annually on energy and contributes 18 percent of US carbon dioxide emissions. (BOMA)


The way the BuildingAdvice assessment found even more savings in an award-winning, ENERGY STAR certified building is really impressive. — Hank Ashforth, CEO, Ashforth Pacific