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man on laptop talking to man and woman sitting next to himProviding energy services can be complicated. Engineers know that the amount of time spent per job determines its profitability. In addition, when energy audits are expensive and time-consuming projects, only the largest buildings can afford them. What about the 99% of buildings that are under 200k square feet in size? Can you profitably serve this medium-sized building market with energy assessments and audits at prices they can afford?

With BuildingAdvice™, the answer is “Yes!”  With automation of key parts of the process, we cut the time and cost required to conduct energy assessments and audits. BuildingAdvice’s energy services platform eliminates hassles, automates tasks and processes that are manual today, and helps to make even non-technical users more energy-savvy. This means it brings down the cost of providing energy benchmarking, assessments, and audits to a level that is affordable by a much wider range of buildings.

Business is better when you can:

  • Qualify buildings quickly and estimate the energy savings potential in a building
  • Make energy audits easier and faster
  • Deliver standardized reports that are designed to drive action
  • Provide a way for junior resources to contribute

If you are interested in viewing sample BuildingAdvice reports, please contact Meagan Crowder at or 888-629-4162.

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Energy Fact

98% of all commercial buildings are less than 100,000 square feet, comprising nearly two-thirds of the total floor area, and consuming nearly 60% of all the energy used by buildings in the U.S.