A scalable platform for utility efficiency programs

close-up of a utility meterThe current proliferation of rebates, incentives and mandates for energy efficiency programs from local utility companies is a boom for real estate owners as well as their energy service providers. Yet, utilities and their program managers find themselves in short supply of energy efficiency projects from their commercial customers. Why are so few taking advantage of the financing that’s out there?

One problem is that many building owners and contractors struggle to provide the energy studies and proposals backed by sound energy analysis needed to qualify.  The traditional methods of scoping a building are time consuming and overly challenging.  Another problem is that it takes too much time for utilities to process energy studies that do not follow a standardized format.

The BuildingAdvice platform solves both problems. The technology, combined with the energy expertise we provide makes it easier to assess buildings and provide energy reports. BuildingAdvice reports, including Benchmarks, Energy Savings Assessments, and Energy Savings Audits, follow a standard format, making them easier and faster for utilities to process and approve.

The measurement and analysis detail will comply with your requirements for rebates and other incentive programs. If you are with a utility or a utility program manager, wouldn’t you like to have contractors and other service providers bring you more efficiency projects?

Why should utilities support projects backed by BuildingAdvice reports?

  • Scientifically supported energy measurement model
  • Detailed metrics and analysis
  • Concise, standardized reports that were designed to drive action by building owners

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Case Study

Read about a contractor who partnered with an Alaska utility on energy assessments.

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