Reduce building operating costs, attract tenants, increase value

4-story business parkCommercial building owners know that financial success depends on the strength and agility of asset management, and that there are only so many levers you can pull. Until recently, energy efficiency may not have registered as a key to maximizing real estate investments. But now, you can’t afford NOT to think about how to operate buildings more efficiently at a lower cost. That’s where BuildingAdvice™ comes in.

BuildingAdvice is a diagnostic platform for energy analysis and a service platform for reducing costs through energy efficiency. With BuildingAdvice, you can:

  • Quickly rate building efficiency and measure $ waste Magnifying Glass icon
  • Identify specific energy conservation measures Magnifying Glass icon
  • Inform decisions with measure-by-measure cost, rebates, and ROI Magnifying Glass icon

Almost all buildings, even those with ENERGY STAR or LEED certification, are wasting energy. On average, energy comprises 33% of all controllable operating costs in a building. Most people don’t question utility bills, but those costs can be significantly lowered. Much of the savings can be achieved without capital outlay. On the average, following low and no-cost recommendations from BuildingAdvice reports reduces energy costs by 20%.

There are two ways to get BuildingAdvice. One is to work with your HVAC contractor or other energy service provider.  Has your contractor approached you about how to make your building more efficient? If not, seek out a service provider partner who will have an energy management conversation with you. BuildingAdvice has a national network of channel partners who are educated and equipped to provide energy services that can reduce your utility bills as soon as next month.

Or, if you own or manage many properties, you can take advantage of our Energy Expert Plus program and work directly with our building energy experts. REITs, property managers, and other investors often go this route. Contact Meagan Young to find out more.

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The way the BuildingAdvice assessment found even more savings in an award-winning, ENERGY STAR certified building is really impressive. — Hank Ashforth, CEO, Ashforth Pacific