Run a more profitable energy service business

You don’t need to be convinced of the need to offer energy services. You probably already realize the value of offering services like energy benchmarking or you do some form of energy auditing, assessments, or energy usage reporting for your customers. But, are these services profitable for your business? Are they driving the revenue you need? And are they helping your clients to reduce their operating costs?

BuildingAdvice was developed specifically for contractors, consultants, and engineers serving commercial buildings, giving them a complete solution to efficiently and effectively deliver cost-saving energy services.

By automating key steps in the process of assessing buildings’ energy consumption, BuildingAdvice lets you do more in less time and at a lower cost to you.

And by placing financial information, including ROI of proposed recommendations, at the front of our energy reports, we help you to get more service and project work approved and sold.

Find out more about the BuildingAdvice program. Or contact Meagan Young today to find out how you can be like hundreds of other service providers who are growing their business with BuildingAdvice.

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Case study

Read about how BuildingAdvice enables Hill York to offer their small and mid-sized building customers energy-saving solutions that drive Service Agreement revenue growth and help to justify energy saving retrofit/replacement projects.

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