Provide energy services your customers need

Granite and glass commercial office buildingThe need to reduce energy consumption, whether driven by cost-reduction or sustainability initiatives, has never been stronger. Awareness of energy usage by commercial buildings and the untapped potential energy savings in existing building stock has reached the mainstream. Financing to incentivize energy efficiency projects is widely available, whether from “green loans” to underused government stimulus programs to utility rebate programs. It all means significant revenue opportunities for service providers who adapt to becoming energy management providers.

BuildingAdvice was developed specifically for contractors serving commercial buildings, giving them a streamlined solution set to become their clients’ energy services provider with one program. It enables contractors to find and realize energy cost savings through both service work and retrofits. Nobody is better positioned to address a building’s energy reduction than the contractors, engineers, and energy service providers who know and maintain the main energy-consuming systems of the building.

Delivering cost-cutting energy services with BuildingAdvice will differentiate your company against the competition and help you to become your customers’ source for energy savings.

Built for easy integration into a contracting business, the comprehensive BuildingAdvice™ program includes:

  • Wireless diagnostic sensors to place temporarily in buildings to measure building performance variables
  • Web-based analysis and recommendation software
  • An automated generator of customized building assessment reports
  • Business consulting to help management efficiently build the business plan
  • Sales training and ongoing coaching to accelerate revenues
  • Technical support to train and provide ongoing support to your team
  • Marketing collateral and best practices

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The biggest thing that we have immediately seen from BuildingAdvice is its ability to accelerate our customers’ decision making. With BuildingAdvice, our cost to deliver services drops dramatically and enables us to engage with owners at a price point they’ve never seen before. — Larry Clark, Director of Corporate Business Development, Hill York (FL)