Monitoring Based Commissioning

Reduce energy costs up to 30% without capital spending

  • Increase net operating income
  • Maximize ROI for your properties
  • Low risk, low hassle

Buildings with lower operating costs are more profitable, attract more tenants, and resell for higher prices. And because energy is the largest controllable operating cost in most buildings, there is no better place to start attacking costs than through energy efficiency.

Monitoring Based Commissioning offers commercial building owners up to 30% operating cost savings without requiring capital investment. With technology that automates critical steps in the building energy assessment process, we drastically reduce energy assessment costs and accelerate payback for building owners and operators.

Everyone talks about the immense energy savings potential in commercial buildings, but realizing those savings is never as easy as it sounds. We are different. We recognize the need to minimize impact on your staff, so we employ a simple process to assess and then reduce energy expenses and to provide financial metrics to key stakeholders.

Find out how you can reduce energy costs, either:

  • Directly from us through our Monitoring Based Commissioning service: Pairing technology with our team of Building Energy Experts, we find and quantify energy saving opportunities for you and then measure and report on the actual savings
  • Through one of our channel partners who offers energy services

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Energy Fact

Energy is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budget.