Energy Kiosk: Real-Time Display of Energy Information

Maximize the value of energy efficiency and sustainability efforts by making information and readily and publicly visible. Energy Kiosk is an internet-connected high-definition screen which displays energy usage information graphically in real-time.


  • Easily monitor energy consumption with highly visible and intuitive information
  • Increase savings through awareness
  • Help staff and tenants to understand the value of going green
  • Earn public recognition for energy programs
  • Support energy cost reduction and sustainability goals

Users of Energy Kiosk include education, government facilities, corporate headquarters, office complexes, hospitals, and retail.

Energy Kiosk dashboard thumbnail Energy Kiosk thumbnail

Energy Kiosk features include:

  • Full-HD 1080p LCD TV / Display Monitor with brilliant 32“ display
  • Mvix Hi-Def Digital Signage Media Player – connects directly to the internet to graphically display data in real-time
  • Turn-key setup, including selection of graphics and program messages

Energy Kiosk™ is one of many energy-saving applications in the BuildingAdvice™ suite of solutions for commercial buildings.

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