Analyze Building Energy Data

With the BuildingAdvice™ web-based software, you can easily upload building information and utility bills, analyze building performance and energy costs, and generate energy reports based on actual data captured from the building.

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Easily enter background data, including basic building information, utility bills, and HVAC system information. Real-time measurements from the wireless monitors are then combined with the building background information to produce an analysis of the building’s energy consumption and costs. If you’re conducting an Energy Savings Audit, the EnGen™ system creates a model that accurately depicts how the building uses energy.

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Using an intuitive wizard interface, you can then propose recommendations for energy-efficient improvements, including low- and no-cost measures as well as larger-scale retrofits. If you’re conducting an Energy Savings Audit, you take a final step of entering a list of energy conservation measures (ECMs) for which the return on investment (ROI) is automatically calculated.

When complete, the information is compiled and presented in a  building performance report, which includes both analysis of the current situation and estimated financial impact of proposed improvements.

BulidingAdvice software is:

  • Versatile: customize calculations and other inputs to maximize your needs
  • Web-based: available anywhere with an internet connection
  • Intuitive: straightforward to use and generate the reports

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