Easily Produce Energy Reports That Drive Action

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With BuildingAdvice™ Elite, building owners and their service providers have access to several types of energy reports. These reports provide details about a building’s current energy performance and costs, recommendations for energy-efficiency improvements, and estimates for the reduction in operating costs that would result from the changes.

Presenting both the details and the financial summary of the current situation and proposed changes, the reports will help drive action and impact the bottom line.

BuildingAdvice Reports Provide Key Information For Stakeholders

Appeal to building decision makers with high-level information and financial metrics of proposed improvements, including:

  • Current and potential energy costs
  • Current and proposed performance of energy, comfort, and ventilation systems
  • Current and potential carbon footprint
  • Cost/benefit and ROI for proposed measures

Satisfy technical audiences with detailed analysis showing exactly what’s happening in the building:

  • Assessment of operating efficiency of building’s systems along with identification of energy or comfort problems
  • Time-based graphs corresponding with each monitor
  • Easy to understand breakdown of performance analysis

Present BuildingAdvice energy reports to building owners and managers to provide proof of the building operating conditions and costs and to make the financial case for energy efficiency improvements.

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