How BuildingAdvice Works

The BuildingAdvice platform includes technology for performing energy assessments and audits. Assessments and audits both involve the use of sensors, software, and reports to diagnose building energy usage and costs, to make recommendations for improvements and to estimate the cost savings from those changes.

Although there might be slight variations depending on the particular building, a typical assessment or audit using BuildingAdvice follows this process:

BuildingAdvice process diagram

  1. Deploy wireless monitors in multiple locations in the building. For most assessments, 7 days of monitoring should suffice.
  2. Log into your BuildingAdvice account and enter building background information and utility bills. Information is synched with building databases, including ENERGY STAR.
  3. Review data, propose recommendations, and run the report.
  4. Review the findings, recommendations, and estimated financial impact with the customer.

Identify low- and no-cost energy conservation measures and justify energy-efficient projects with BuildingAdvice. There is no other system that provides as much high-value information with as little effort as BuildingAdvice Elite. Contact Meagan Young today to find out more.

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