BuildingAdvice: The Complete Program for Cost-Saving Energy Services

Do you know how to reduce energy consumption and costs in buildings that you own or service?  Too many tools only tell you how much energy you’re using. If you don’t know what to do next, that usage information doesn’t help you very much.

That’s where BuildingAdvice Elite is different. With wireless sensors for temporary monitoring of space conditions, web-based energy analysis software, and an automated generator of actionable reports based on building data, BuildingAdvice gives you answers, not just more questions. Simple, low-hassle energy assessments provide evidence of the need for energy-saving measures, along with the financial ROI, so that you can make smart decisions.

Find out more about how the technology works.

Beyond the technology, the BuildingAdvice Elite program includes elite client services to help contractors and other building professionals to operate profitable energy service businesses.

BuildingAdvice™ Elite Features

  • Automated energy benchmarking integrated with ENERGY STAR and Portfolio Manager
    • Provides key benchmarking metrics, including cost per square foot, energy usage index, and carbon footprint
    • Automated upload of utility bills
    • Pulls building data from Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager
    • Easy upload of Energy Benchmark input files
  • Sensor kit:  Set of wireless monitors to measure temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2),and lighting in buildings. No need to tie-in to building automation system or network. Optional air quality monitors available.
  • Communication gateway: Automatic wireless/cellular communication of sensor data to our servers. No copying & pasting data, moving Excel sheets, or other time-consuming tasks.
  • Advanced energy diagnostic software for detailed analysis of building energy usage, energy modeling, and preparation of findings and recommendations
  • Financially-oriented energy reports, including:
    • Energy Benchmark reports showing ENERGY STAR score and cost-savings potential Magnifying Glass icon
    • Energy Savings Assessment reports that detail low- and no-cost savings opportunities Magnifying Glass icon
    • Financially-oriented Energy Savings Audit reports that justify energy-saving retrofits by showing expected savings and ROI Magnifying Glass icon
  • Elite client services to help contractors and other building professionals operate a profitable energy service business

Nearly every building has low- and no-cost energy savings opportunities as well as plenty of larger-scale energy savings projects. Find them and make them a reality with BuildingAdvice Elite.  Contact Meagan Young to find out how you can get started

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Case Study

Read about a building that already had earned Energy Star certification, yet the owners were still able to find significant cost savings opportunities by using BuildingAdvice.

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Contractors who understand the perspective of building owners will be far better positioned to solve our problems. I would much rather do business with a well-informed contractor who understands what keeps me up at night. The education being provided here by BuildingAdvice is invaluable to
any commercial contractor.
— Hank Ashforth, Chairman, Ashforth Pacific, Inc.