Products & Services for Improving Building Performance

Reducing operating costs and improving building performance is a process. You gather building data, analyze it, and communicate the findings and recommendations. You present findings and recommendations along with estimates of improvements, and hopefully these are approved and then implemented. And finally, you verify the impact of the changes and begin ongoing maintenance of the savings and improved performance.

BuildingAdvice’s programs allow service providers to streamline their processes, ensure their ability to scale their energy service business, and improve business profitability, while helping their customers to reduce costs and improve comfort and performance.

BuildingAdvice products are built on core principles of:

  • Simplicity: You don’t need an engineering degree to use the technology or to figure out what the reports are telling you
  • Speed: We’ve automated parts of the typical process to do more in less time
  • Accuracy: Sound building science drives credible data and recommendations

But we also realize that it’s not just technology that’s needed. So we support our technology with an elite client services team that provides the business consulting and training that you need to profitably implement in-demand services.

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