HomeAdvice Case Study – First Call Heating and Cooling

Introduction First Call Heating and Cooling of Portland, OR is the largest residential heating and cooling needs supplier in the Portland area. They have been in the home HVAC service business since 1939 and serve some 35,000 residential customers. First … Continue reading

Homeowner Success Story

We hear a lot of stories at BuildingAdvice. Houses built from chemical storage tanks, intake air coming not from outside but from the basement, homeowners that have to move out of their houses because their air is so bad. So … Continue reading

HomeAdvice Certification Program

BuildingAdvice’s new contractor certification program is the latest solution to providing comprehensive IAQ training for contractors. The HomeAdvice Certification Program provides contractors with proof of the effort they’ve put in to learning the HomeAdvice technology, and allows you to show … Continue reading

Contractor Profile: McCarthy’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Thirty-eight years ago, John McCarthy lost his job. He refused to overcharge for a product he was selling, and he was fired. Thirty-eight years ago, on the same day, John McCarthy’s son was born. “I had to go to the … Continue reading

The Case of the Disappearing (and Reappearing) Monitors

Ever worry about your HomeAdvice monitors being stolen? Here’s one contractor’s story about that very thing. On a warm, sunny day in June, Joe Maglio of Rx4Clean Air pulled into his local gas station to fill up his tank. He … Continue reading

Special Report: What’s That Funny Smell?

Here at BuildingAdvice, our support team fields calls from HVAC contractors across North America on topics ranging from basic indoor air quality to advanced home comfort. The more difficult questions usually go something like this, “My customer has a funny … Continue reading

“Low VOC” May Not Be!

More and more, today’s homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes healthier and more “Green.” With increasing awareness of the potential health effects of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), consumers are embracing “Low VOC” or “Zero VOC” paints when … Continue reading

Product Benefits Spotlight: High Efficiency Air Filtration

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the air is quickly turning from crisp to downright cold. People are spending more and more time indoors. Did you know that Americans spend ninety percent of their time indoors? In the winter, it’s probably … Continue reading

Product Benefits Spotlight: High Efficiency Air Conditioning

In many parts of the country, air conditioning is simply a part of life in the summer. Sweltering temperatures in the Southwest and high humidity in the Southeast make air conditioning a requirement, rather than the luxury it is sometimes … Continue reading

AirAdvice Helps Area Nonprofit with Indoor Air Quality Testing

BuildingAdvice, whose technologies are used to monitor and analyze building performance and indoor environment parameters, recently helped out a Portland charity with a green cleaning project. The mission of the Josiah Hill III Clinic (JHC) is to protect children from … Continue reading