The Next Generation Energy Assessment Report Migration & Launch is Now!

Migration will begin on Friday 12/13 at Noon PST and the new systems will be available early Monday morning (12/16).  If you have a placement at a building for an Assessment due next week or beyond, then you will be … Continue reading

Important BuildingAdvice Benchmarking Update

  The entire BuildingAdvice team has been working continuously for the past 7 months to develop our new platform and synchronize our systems with the new Energy Star Portfolio Manager program.    We have worked diligently to ensure that you … Continue reading

BuildingAdvice Energy Star Upgrade Begins Tonight (7/16) at 9pm PST

In an effort to reduce the impact of Energy Star’s software launch, we will take BuildingAdvice offline tonight July 16th at 9pm PST to transition to the new Energy Star application.  If everything goes according to plan, we plan to … Continue reading

New Training Program Showing EXCELLENT Results!

“I really like the BuildingAdvice concept and programs, how they could increase my sales, and how they benefit my customer, I just can’t figure out how to blend the energy message into my daily sales activities” “We really believe in … Continue reading

Data Centers – Action Needed to Retain 1-100 ENERGY STAR Score

Letter from Energy Star: With the upcoming launch of the new and improved Portfolio Manager, we want to keep you informed of an important change that will impact your ability to continue receiving a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score. What’s happening? … Continue reading

EPA’s 2013 Energy Star National Building Competition

Registration is now open for the 2013 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings.  Sign up by May 31 to compete!   Now in its fourth season, the Battle of the Buildings is a Biggest Loser-style competition to … Continue reading

New Energy Star Passwords

Due to the cyber-attacks on Energy Star a few weeks ago that took their system down for a week, you need to reset your Portfolio Manager password. Once you have the new password, you must share it with your BuildingAdvice … Continue reading

Creative Benchmarking

How can I Benchmark a building like an Athletic Club? Athletic Clubs are not one of the Energy Star Portfolio Manager’s space types. First let’s be clear that if it doesn’t match the space type definitions according to Energy Star it … Continue reading

Energy Star Revamps Portfolio Manager System down from June 26 – July 10, 2013

Energy Star is Revamping Portfolio Manager to our Advantage—But be prepared for downtime The recent downtime of Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager due to cyber-attack has taught us a powerful lesson, plan ahead. This is especially true with the current Energy … Continue reading

The Energy Coach’s Corner: The ABC’s of HVAC Energy Sales

ABC- Always Be Closing. We have all heard this time and again, and although this does hold some truth, I would argue that you need to change your mindset around the “ABC’s of sales” if you are going to close … Continue reading