New Training Program Showing EXCELLENT Results!

“I really like the BuildingAdvice concept and programs, how they could increase my sales, and how they benefit my customer, I just can’t figure out how to blend the energy message into my daily sales activities”

“We really believe in the BuildingAdvice energy based financial sale concept, and we know that is where we need to go to be successful in the future.  I am not sure why our sales people aren’t using it more.”

Does one of the above sound like you?    Call me, we can fix this!

After hearing this from a few of our HVAC partners with these issues, we designed a training program to solve this problem.   From web based to onsite training to our continuous coaching model, we have revamped the program to ensure salespeople know how to SELL using BuildingAdvice.  From the people that have attended the training, we are hearing:

“I got off the airplane and closed my first account this morning using what I learned in the class.”

“I modified my approach to match the training, made four calls the first day, and closed all four on a benchmark and survey…”

“I understood the concepts and how it worked, but this training brought it all together for me…now I understand how to bring it into my daily sales.”

I am Patrick Johansen, your account manager.  I am excited about the response we are getting to the new sales training program.  We have put together a four step, ongoing, constant improvement program that we can offer your sales staff to maximize your return from your BuildingAdvice investment using the BuildingAdvice programs you already own.

Call me so we can get your team up to speed!

Patrick Johansen

(503) 468-3514 (Voice and FAX)

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