Important BuildingAdvice Benchmarking Update


The entire BuildingAdvice team has been working continuously for the past 7 months to develop our new platform and synchronize our systems with the new Energy Star Portfolio Manager program.    We have worked diligently to ensure that you experience minimum downtime with this transition.  While we had hoped to launch our new systems in conjunction with Energy Star this Monday, July 22, we will not be able to meet that goal.

Instead, based on the severity of the data synchronization issues, we are forecasting a final cutover of August 6, 2013.

We have delayed our launch until we are more certain that your past and future building data will synchronize accurately with the Portfolio.  While we fully intended to launch tomorrow, over the past 72 hours our QA team discovered a high percentage of failures related to data validation within Energy Star’s web services. Instead of exposing you to these failures, we have elected to continue to work to resolve them to ensure two way synchronization of existing building data with BuildingAdvice and Portfolio Manager.

In an effort to limit the impact to you of this delay, we will create Benchmarks Reports for you by utilizing the legacy BuildingAdvice software and the new front end of Portfolio Manager.  Please reach out to commercial support to get these generated and delivered.

If you are looking to run an IEQ report or an Assessment (sensor-only) report, you can accomplish this in the legacy BuildingAdvice software at  It functions as it always has for those reports types.  Be advised, if you try to run any report that utilizes Energy Star in the legacy software, if will return errors.

Should you have any questions about our transition process, please contact us at 888-629-4162×2 or

Thanks for your patience, we are tapping ours trying to coordinate with our counterparts at EPA.

Lucas Klesch

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