BuildingAdvice Energy Star Upgrade Begins Tonight (7/16) at 9pm PST

In an effort to reduce the impact of Energy Star’s software launch, we will take BuildingAdvice offline tonight July 16th at 9pm PST to transition to the new Energy Star application.  If everything goes according to plan, we plan to be offline until the early morning hours of July 22nd. During this downtime we will be running final QA checks to ensure that our new Benchmark application integrates with Energy Star. EnergyStar’s new Portfolio Manager will be online during this time, but it is expected to be a bumpy launch, so if you use their new system in the first few days, be advised.  We will be communicating the launch of our Benchmark software and any known issues it may have when we go live Sunday night/Monday morning, so look for our email update.

On July 22nd, our new BuildingAdvice Benchmark software will be live, and you will be able to sync your accounts to Portfolio Manager, analyze building metrics and publish those reports for delivery to your customers.  We will be keeping the legacy software applications available for running Assessments, and IEQ reports for all customers who have active software licenses.  If you are planning on running an Audit in the next couple of months, please communicate with an Energy Analyst to coordinate the delivery of the report working directly with our staff to get it done.

While we are admittedly nervous about this launch based on some of the decisions/strategies driving the cut over at Energy Star, we are also pretty excited about the enhancements this enables in our platform, most notably flexible reporting. We’ve taken precautions in the hopes of minimizing impact to your operations but know we are going to be challenged over the next few weeks.  Please know we are working literally around the clock to minimize these impacts and please work with us to resolve issues. In the coming weeks, we will be transitioning the rest of the BuildingAdvice software applications to the new system and also adding a few new automated software services like SavingsTracker, so stay tuned.

Lucas Klesch

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