Indoor Air Quality – Myth or Money Generator December 10, 2008 “If you’re in the HVAC industry and you’ve heard anything about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), you know it’s important. You know that energy efficient homes seal in and recirculate the same germs, allergens, and chemicals. You … Continue reading

IAQ Sales Success

Over the last five years at K&S Heating and Cooling, our annual indoor air quality (IAQ) sales have grown from zero to $2 million. If you think this is unusual or that this kind of growth doesn’t apply to you … Continue reading

Taking IAQ to Market

No matter what your business’ size or location, it’s really pretty straightforward. I don’t mean to say that IAQ marketing is a quick fix. You can’t expect big things without being willing to commit to it through time. But getting … Continue reading

IAQ: Getting Started in the Indoor Air Quality Business

The test stunned us – the customer and I watched smoke pour into the eaves and into the space between the home’s two stories. All that dust and bad air was being brought in by negative pressure. We got things … Continue reading

IAQ: Why Now is the Time to Capitalize on the Market

IAQ successes are happening for HVAC businesses of every size, in all kinds of locations and situations. IAQ is not just a “city” or “big contractor only” ticket. As the early movers already know, people everywhere want to be sure … Continue reading