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Efficiency Now Comes to Life on YouTube

June 25th, 2010 by Jim Crowder

the horror! the horror!


A black tunnel of smoke creeps around your building. It’s name? “WASTE.”

This video from Johnson Controls’ Efficiency Now campaign (complete with microsite), does a great job of setting up how far the sustainable movement has come, and what a tough road that’s been. Then, after this feeling of hard-won achievement has built, they show you how we’re throwing it all down the tubes in the form of inefficient buildings. Evil black clouds encircle skyscrapers.

You may be tempted to boo and hiss at the monitor. Check it out!

Sustainable Vertical Village in Dubai

Heads up for Oregon: the oft-discussed Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC) applicaton for renewable energy project rebates is June 30, Sustainable Business Oregon reminds us. This is for projects between $500,000 and $6 million only, so, no sustainable vertical villages a la Dubai (pictured).

Images courtesy Johnson Controls, The Making of Me, Fast Company