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Lucas Klesch, MSc. is Product and Building Expert at BuildingAdvice and a primary developer of the BuildingAdvice energy services platform, an energy efficiency diagnostic program encompassing onsite data collection, web based software, database integration and consultation. Klesch has worked in the built environment for over 10 years as an indoor air quality and energy management expert, working with mechanical contractors and facility managers to maximize energy usage and cost savings in commercial buildings. Klesch’s scientific background is in complex data analysis and climate change. In his current capacity at BuildingAdvice, Klesch supports and develops BuildingAdvice and provides client consultation in making operations recommendations based on real building data. He received his Bachelor of Science from Portland State University and Master of Science from the University of California, Riverside.

Zack Buquet, Energy Services Business ConsultantZack Buquet. As the Energy Services Business Consultant for BuildingAdvice, Zack works with the clients to assist them in transforming their companies and sales people into Energy Service Providers. Zack works with the executives of our clients’ companies as well as sales people and provides a combination of Strategic Planning, Business Planning, and sales and marketing consulting services for clients. Zack also assists in creating new training materials for our customers, leads a monthly 1 1/2-day sales training program at BuildingAdvice, and provides 1-on-1 training to our clients’ sales staff. Zack has been in sales for over 14 years and has also owned several business consulting and sales/marketing training and businesses. Zack lives in the Portland area with his wife and sons.


Kevin Skurski. As BuildingAdvice’s Director of Marketing, Skurski led corporate and channel marketing programs with the goal of improving the commercial real estate market with energy efficiency services by putting building owners/managers together with energy solution providers. Skurski’s marketing management experience includes agency work for major brands, including American Express and Nike. Skurski was previously founder and President of a management and marketing consulting firm for seven years, serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 clients to small businesspeople. Originally from from South Bend, Ind., Skurski completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, and went on to earn his MBA from Duke University. Skurski lives with his wife and son in Portland, Ore.


Dave Hewett is a Commercial Real Estate Strategic Advisor for BuildingAdvice. Dave has over 30 years of business experience, including work in all aspects of the Real Estate and Facilities industry, working for both owners and service providers. Clients have included institutional, corporate, municipal and private entities, such as Microsoft, PMC-Sierra, Pitney Bowes, Pacific Gas & Electric, United States GSA, Austin Energy and Comerica Bank.  Dave has led the transitions for some of the largest Real Estate outsourcing programs in the industry.

About Us

The Building Advisor blog is written by members of the commercial marketing team at BuildingAdvice.  BuildingAdvice is a software company whose products guide improvements in energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality of built spaces.

We help service providers identify opportunities to reduce energy costs, improve the performance of HVAC and other systems, and solve indoor air quality issues.

Our platforms help to create a win for everyone in the chain – service providers run a more successful business, building owners and homeowners get solutions to energy and air quality problems, and utilities see a reduction in demand.

Our primary commercial product, BuildingAdvice, enables building service providers to assess, analyze, and ultimately improve the energy performance and sustainability of their clients’ buildings.