Exciting Times for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Ygrene Consortium as Monsters of RockYgrene followup: though you’d think an article in the New York Times makes it so, Sacramento only just approved of Ygrene’s Monsters of Rock-style consortium – put together by Richard Branson and his Carbon War Room – to use PACE financing for energy efficient improvements to the California state capital, writes the Sacramento Business Journal. Under PACE programs, cities or counties offer loans to finance upgrades that are paid back through property tax bills over a number of years.

Here’s more about Branson’s Carbon War Room:

Green Capital Global Challenge from Carbon War Room on Vimeo.


AIA NY's Center for Architecture presents ENERGY=BUILDINGS

AIA NY's Center for Architecture presents ENERGY=BUILDINGS

When you look at a commercial office building, do you think of it as a rectangular block of energy standing in front of you? A freestanding tube of energy is what that building contains. And if it were more efficient, a whole lot more energy would be available out in the world. An upcoming exhibit at the Center for Architecture in New York will look at the energy represented in buildings, starting with calculating embodied energy in building materials.

Buildings=Energy (E=BLDGS) is a new exhibition opening October 1 at the Center for Architecture (home to the American Institute of Architects New York chapter). If you’re in New York, the exhibit runs through January 21, 2012.

Perkins+Will, a global design firm, has designed a prototypical energy-efficient office building for the exhibit which shares “critical design decisions, policies and choices” building planners go through as a building comes to be, as well as the many design decisions made across a building’s lifecycle.

Boom, it’s going to include to tools used to assess and analyze energy as well. The BuildingAdvisor has always wanted to be memorialized in a museum.

And speaking of making choices about your buildings

tenants and landlords 'running' side by side

Tenants and landlords 'running' side by side. 'Chariots of Fire'? No? Anyone?

In Toronto, the Race to Reduce is on. Greening Greater Toronto, an environmental nonprofit partnership is accepting submissions for “shining examples of action and innovation in energy conservation” to give awards out at Canada’s leading real estate conference, Real Estate Forum.

The awards will recognize recognize landlord and tenant participants’ action, efforts, and performance in energy conservation and efficiency. If you’re an owner of Canadian office space, Race to Reduce landlord participants need to submit their energy data and normalization information by September 30th to the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac)’s 2011 Energy Benchmarking Survey.

“The goal of the Race to Reduce is to make landlord-tenant collaboration the ‘new normal’,” said representative Linda Mantia.

Lastly, did you know that we’re the best? Oregon State University’s already rockin’ industrial energy efficiency program, headed by Joe Junker, will double, thanks to a five-year, $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, writes the intrepid Sustainable Business Oregon. The program trains students in energy efficiency while providing Oregon companies with free assessments of their energy use and potential areas of improvement.

OSU officials estimate that the Energy Efficiency Center has saved Oregon businesses $88 million during the life of the program. Another $35,000 from Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center, known as Oregon BEST, helps companies save an additional $70,000 or more per year in energy costs.

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